Virtual Study Room

The VSR is a total learning solution online, bringing together two powerful forces of learning on a single platform (the Internet and the approved programs and courses), equipped with cutting-edge digital learning tools and made accessible from any place and at anytime. This is known as asynchronous learning. The VSR has two-way collaboration tools that will connect you with the teacher and also your fellow students, enabling you to become part of an interconnected learning community. The VSR is designed for both Classroom Students and Remote Students and comes with all learning resources pre-planned and pre-loaded to commence work immediately.

The learning resources have been developed on a self-learning pedagogy and are called selflearning materials or workbooks. This means that all through these learning resources, you will experience an invisible facilitator guiding you along your studies, encouraging you and ensuring that you stay on course and achieve your required outcomes.

The cutting-edge digital learning tools within the VSR will allow you to write your notes within the VSR, save it on a personalised ePortfolio of evidence, drop emails to your teacher, research the web for additional learning resources, study from your prescribed learning resources – all this within a single page single platform within the VSR. Welcome to the 21st Century way of education.

  • eBooks
  • eCapture
  • Quizzes
  • eChat
  • eLectures
  • eSearch
  • Settings
  • Mail
  • Dictionary of Terms
  • Activity Editor
  • Training Package
  • Real Time Student and Teacher Interaction
  • Receive course material on the VSR
  • Undertake assignments online in real time
  • Live classroom anywhere – home or campus
  • Complete and submit quizzes as you progress
  • Take self-tests that do not require submission
  • Store all work on the MYeP file – a legacy record ePortfolio
  • Capture notes and store in the MYeP File
  • Convenience education – timelines and venue determined by students' circumstances