Virtual Highschool

The Matric Portal is a Virtual High School being developed to support all high schools in South Africa, Africa and the world to achieve improved academic results. Students who have access to the Internet or any smart device will have 24/7 access. The service will be free of charge to students and all teachers.

Some 50 organizations in the world including Microsoft’s Khan Academy, Nobel Peace Prize organization, the University of Minnesota, the South African Government, the Australian Government and numerous professors are contributing to the Matric Portal.

The Matric Portal has commenced populating learning resources into the Virtual Study Room with a focus on Maths and Physics at present. The Matric Portal, once fully developed, will offer students, teachers and schools at large subject specific interactive textbooks, tutorial tips, animations, interactive academic games, past year matric exam papers, online tests, dictionary search facility, Wiki search, note capture and save features, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook – all on a single online learning platform.

The Career Personality Test and the Tourism Career Personality Test assist students make informed career decisions. The tests are guides only and are free of charge to students on the Matric Portal.
  • Videos
  • Online Textbooks
  • Notes Capture
  • Chat Facility
  • Games
  • Animations
  • Simulations
  • Exam Papers
  • Free Career Personality & Aptitude Test